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Hello, my name is Andrew and I've been working online with jobseekers, recruiters and job agencies since 1998. With my experience in tracking down the right job for the right person, I'm dedicated to help others find vacancies, write a professional resume, and to offer a database filled with offshore company & recruitment agency information.

We help from Entry Level jobseekers to the Pros

Many people out there claim it's harder to find an Entry Level job (rookie, beginner) than it is to find a job for a professional. But bear in mind that a pro needs to have many skills, a long list of certificates and knowlegde as well as years of experience. Matching your skills, knowlegde and education to a job, is what we do best. There are many jobs world wide, among literally thousands of offshore companies, it can take weeks, or even months, to find a job that fits you. And once you finally find that job, it could just be someone beat you too it.

Are you on the lookout for an Entry Level job? Remind yourself right now that you're not the only one. We currently get more applicants looking to get into the Offshore Industry than ever before. But you are in luck, because right at this moment, there are a lot of crew changes happening. World wide nearly half of the Rig workers are retiring in the next couple of years. Oil became a booming business half way down the last century, if you started out back then in your 20's, then now is the time to hang your workhat and start your retirement. Since so many will retire, job openings for Entry Level and Pros are imminent.

"When you are looking to find a job in the Maritime or Offshore Oil Industry, we could be your team to pull it off."

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