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Or maybe it's better posted as "About Me". My name is Andrew, and I've been working with applicants while searching for vacancies online since 1998. I got into this line of business after a request from Captain Ron Edwards at A whole new World opened for me, and frankly it wasn't looking good at the time.

The reason Ron and I met online was due to the number of scam artists, who found that making money online while offering false hope to jobseekers, was as easy as taking candy from a kid. Ron and I teamed up and with the help of the Better Business Bureau and lots of testimonies from victims.

It took us some time, but one of the biggest offshore job scam artists (at was taken off the Internet and he ended up in jail.

What happened after that?

At that time Ron and I discussed the many ways to actually help jobseekers, and even though we work together a lot, we went our seperate ways in business. Cpt. Ron Edwards was a real life offshore worker, and he helps people from his past knowledge and experiences.

Ron writes a killer resume, cover letter (all in hard copy, digital, pdf and on CD) and he provides a single-click jobapplication service at his website.

For people who want things to be just a little different, I decided to offer employee services like job matchmaking, offering informational resources and digital resume re-writing services. Needless to say Ron and I have been working online side-by-side for over 15 years while helping countless people finding a job offshore.

If you want to make use of our expertise, you can be sure we won't let you down.

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