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Terms of Service / Agreement

As you may understand; Where there is a service or product offered, there have to be some rules and regulations. Please read below, and decide if you agree with these rules. When you use our services you automatically agree to these Terms of Service.
  1. When using any of our services, this does not guarantee you a job in any way nor form.
  2. (it's owner and/or employees) does not offer any jobs, we only provide a service to search for vacant jobs for our clients.
  3. We offer a money back guarantee only if we cannot provide the service we offered, i.e.:
    1. We provide a money back guarantee if we can't find you a fitting vacancy within the term of 6 months. If 2 or more job vacancies have been offered to you, the money back guarantee will no longer be valid.
    2. We do not provide a money back guarantee on our resume / cover letter (re-)writing services.
  4. (it's owner and/or employees) is not responsible nor liable for information, services offered, or products sold, on any or all websites which we link to from our website / domain.
  5. We at (it's owner and/or employees) do not share, sell, rent nor give your details to any 3rd party. Your information is safe with us.
  6. We provide job matching services for people who are looking to find jobs in the maritime, industrial, offshore, and the onshore oil, gas / chemical industry. This means literally that we search for jobs which fit your skills, education, motivation and/or experience. Vacant jobs we find are forwarded to you by email. Application and/or registration and/or interviews with a company or recruiter are not among our services nor are we liable for that. What you do with the information we provide is your personal responsibility.
  7. We offer cover letter / email & resume writing services. The information we use comes from the information which you must provide for us. We cannot / will not use incorrect information or add information which is not true or falsified.
  8. Application to a job vacancy or the interview is your responsibility only. We provide all means necessary to get your on your way, but you yourself will have to "close the deal" so to speak. We at (it's owner and/or employees) cannot be held responsible if you fail to apply in time and/or if you (do or don't) get hired.
  9. After we provided you with a service, the information is yours. Whatever you do with it is your responsibility. We are not responsible nor liable for you using the information or service provided by us. Falsification, or any other way of intentional or unintentional misuse of the information and / or services we provided, is your personal conduct. We cannot be held responsible in this case nor do we accept any claims whatsoever.
  10. If there is anything posted above, or anywhere else at our website, that you do not agree with, we kindly ask you not to use our services. If you decide to use our services, you agree to any and all information posted at our website and the terms of service posted above. Once you've accepted this, you can no longer put this up for discussion.


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