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Offshore Employment Scams

Unfortunately where there is money made, scam artists are found. There are a number of websites trying to sell their "services" as golden opportunities for offshore job seekers.

Think of applying for a job via bulk email (which means your resume is send to hundreds or even thousands of companies and recruiters worldwide at once). This was one of the earliest scams on the Internet for the offshore industry (it started around 1995). Websites like this popped up everywhere saying they had the answer to get you a job in no time at all. All you had to do was pay them a huge fee and they'd send your resume to every company on their secret contact list.

Now some of these websites actually came through and did send out bulk emails to companies. But they also found that recruiters who received these massive amounts of emails added them to their SPAM filters.

In the end these services where still offered to applicants, but actual emails where never send out anymore. And if you complained, you just received the answer that your resume didn't have what it takes, or you never received an answer at all. This scam would lose you anywhere from $ 199 up to $ 499 for a bogus service. Luckily most of these websites and services are no longer running. But if you do find yourself at a website offering these services, don't fall for it.

Another one, which is actually very much active at this time, is Recruitment Fraude.

What happens is you receive an email from a big offshore company (fake of course). They claim to have found your resume online and they are very interested in hiring you. All you have to do is apply via email, provide some information they asked you for, or fill out a form online. Once you do, the ball starts rolling.

Trust me, whatever answer you give these people, even if your skills are no more than a newspaper boy riding a bike, they are ready to hire you. All you have to do is pay a small fee for a work visa, or some sort of registration fee. Once you did that, you will receive word that you could start working in just a few days but it's on the other side of the world. Since you will need to fly there, you need to pay for the flight ticket up front, but no worries, you will get that money back with your first paycheck. Once you pay that money, either other sudden fees need to be paid, or if you start asking questions, you'll never hear from your contact again.

This scam can cost you dearly. From a few tens of dollars, up to hundreds of even thousands of dollars. And it will never get you anywhere.

Most offshore companies already posted warnings at their website not to fall for those scams. But unfortunately many still do. Just remember these simple rules:
  • Offshore companies have official websites and email addresses. So when you get an email from company X using a gmail, yahoo, hotmail or any other free account, it's a scam. Always check the domain behind the @ sign NOT the name in front of it. Example:
    • is fake,
    • would be real.
  • Offshore companies and recruiters don't search for resumes online, they have recruitment events, vacancies at their website, or they use a database to find personnel. They do not go around sending out emails requesting you to apply.
  • If you're asked a fee, for whatever amount and for whatever means necessary, you're being had. Stop communicating with the person asking for money at once, and don't give any more information about yourself.
  • If you still have doubts, ask for a phone number and verify that number at the official company website. If it's a match, you're okay. If not, it's most likely a scam. You can also always call the number, and see who picks up.
One thing which you should always remember, is that when it sounds too good to be true, it always is. "But but but..." No, trust me, it always is. Sure you may think you are the only one in the world who found a secret way in, your contact is not lying, or that service is so great it can't fail. But in the end, you will end up with next to nothing.

Are you in doubt? Feel free to contact me and I'll help you. At no charge at all. Guaranteed!

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