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Application Mistakes

We receive a lot of job applications via email from people who are seeking a job offshore. Just so you know and understand: We don't hire people! We merely provide services related to the offshore and maritime industry. It does however show us how the average applicant is applying to jobs. Below you will find the biggest application mistakes, as we experienced people (maybe just like you) are making.

1. Only a couple of days ago I received this email message:

          Hi, see my attached resume, thanks.

What's wrong with this you think? For starters the email isn't actually addressed to anyone. No name, no reference to a position or vacancy, this person didn't even take the time to introduce himself. It's kinda like saying "I don't know you nor do I have a clue to what position I'm applying. Just check my resume and see what job you can offer me."

Any employer or recruiter receiving something like this (I have actually seen worse) will not be filled with joy when reading your application. If someone works his job similar to how he applies to jobs, it's probably half-assed and brainless. And nobody wants to hire someone like that. Read more about Cover Email Letters.

2. Begging for a job:

I've read email applications where people were actually begging an employer to hire them. I've read sad stories to say the least, people who were down and out desperate for a job, any job at all. You could nearly feel the tears of the writer.

Let me teach you one thing about humanity, or maybe I should even refer to our basic natural instincts. As in nature, if an animal is wounded, the group or flock leaves him behind to die or be eaten by other animals. It might be a bit harsh as we are humans and have a brain which separates us from the animal kingdom, nevertheless, we mostly act the same.

We gladly support, help, hire, befriend, love and take care of people who have self-respect, confidence, are motivated, happy and know how to stand on their own two feet. But we tend to turn our heads for the weak, homeless, desperate, sick and needy. You might not like me for saying it, but if you beg, you lose!

3. Carelessly applying left and right:

I run multiple websites concerning the oil and gas industry (cuz I really love my job), and whatever offshore related website it is, I tend to receive job applications from people. Personally, I think this is pretty dumb. It's like people aren't reading websites, all they see is the phrase "Offshore Oil Jobs" and as soon as people do, they start searching for a contact email address to send out their resume. Nobody reads the website, seeing what information or service is offered. No, some people just look for the email address, and send out their resume in the hope they get hired offshore.

I'm not running my business offshore, so unless you want to sit behind a desk in a dusty office down the street, you won't have any success applying to jobs at my address. And honestly, if you apply to jobs in this manner, your application might end up at the wrong places pretty much 99% of the time.

4. Know how to Search for Jobs:

Offshore companies or Recruiters who are in need of personnel don't use keywords like "Offshore Rig Jobs" to post their jobs. They use terms like "Careers", "Join our team", "Apply now".

See if you can use these phrases in a search engine to find an offshore job. Let me stop you right there, cuz you won't. If you use those keywords you will end up at millions of company websites from Supermarkets to Accountants Offices, Wal-Mart Stores and so on.

The fastest way to actually find offshore companies and their vacancies, is to use company names as search phrase or make use of our Contact List.

5. a Messy or Outdated Resume:

Companies receive tens or hundreds of job applications when they have an opening for a position. It would be perfect if all resumes looked the same, but unfortunately writing resumes isn't a course many people tend to take. Sometimes the resumes I receive are a big puzzle that take hours to figure out. And most resumes that come across my desk are no less than a bunch of chaos and mayhem.

If you thought a resume is just jotting down your past and present on a piece of paper, then you thought wrong. Because it goes beyond that. Everything needs to be just right if you want to offer a future employer your winning resume. If your resume is a big mess, outdated and if it even puzzles you a bit, than you might want take your time to write a better one. Read on about Writing Resumes.

Stop carelessly sending out your resume left and right. Know where you're sending yours, and know what job you're applying too! Better yet, have a decent cover letter or email message to introduce yourself. Refer to the job ID or Position in your letter, address the recruiter respectfully and direct him/her to your resume. Be confident in your writing, know how to sell yourself if you want an employer hiring and paying you for a job.

Only then, you will be successful.

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