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Questions About Our Services

Below you will find a couple of questions which we found got asked a lot. To clearify our services more, we decided ourselves to create this page. Of course, if you have an added question or remark, feel free to send us an email, and we will answer you A.S.A.P.

How many offshore / maritime jobs will you find for me?

This differs per package. If you order the Basic Package we will find you at least 2 offshore / maritime vacancies per position. This means that if you have the skills to perform 5 different positions (example: roustabout, greenhand, painter, welder and utility hand), we will try and find you 2 vacancies per position. Can you work only 2 positions? Then we'll find you at least 2 vacancies which fit your skills, with a maximum of 5 per position. In the end it doesn't really matter how many positions you can fill (though there is a maximum of 5 in the basic package), we'll allways try to hook you up with 2 up to 10 jobs to which you can apply. When you order the Advanced Package you will receive up to 25 job offers.

How long does it take to receive these job offers?

We excel in finding you jobvacancies that fit your skills. This gives you a much higher succesrate when you apply. It might take a week to find a job which would fit you, it may also take us longer. We do guarentee that your order will be filled within 1 week up to 3 months. We will always be on the lookout to find a match for you. As soon as we find it, we'll inform you at once.

Do you offer a money back guarentee on the Basic and Advanced Package?

Yes we do. If we cannot hook you up with any jobvacancy within a maximum term of 6 months, you will get a full refund. But if we have found you at least 2 jobs, the money back guarentee will no longer be valid.

Do you offer a money back guarentee on the Resume Package?

No we don't. Your resume will be made in a professional manner. Once it's ready, we done our task and we are sure the resume we created for you is accepted by any and all offshore & maritime recruiters / companies. We know how to "sell" your experience, skills and motivation. Once the resume is ready, the end result is yours to keep. You can even use it as a template for yourself to create more resumes, add information, or apply to completely different jobs or industries. Therefore we do not offer a money back guarentee.

If I use your services and/or buy your products, will I be guarenteed a job?

We provide a service to find you offshore jobvacancies which fit your experience, skills, motivation, and education. We can write your cover letter or email, and we can provide you with a professional resume. After that you're on your own. For example; If you sit at a recruiters desk during an interview and act like a complete mad man, you can be sure you're sent home. Our services can't account for that. There are too many factors that come in to play. So we can up your chances to get a job, but we can't ever guarentee it.

Is my payment secure, and is my privacy protected?

Your payment(s) to us are handled via Paypal. They have a very secure payment process. We never see any of your payment or account details, credit card information or any other personal details. The information you do sent to us directly is always privat and will never be shared with anybody else. We don't sell, give or offer any of your personal information to anyone.

Where are you located, and can I call you on the phone?

Our office is located in The Netherlands. We are very close to the Rotterdam port and industrial terminals. We have connections world wide, especially around the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Once we start working with you, we will be glad to keep connected with you via email, skype or telephone. You can even send us WhatsApp messages if so desired.

Does everyone receive the same job offers for simular positions?

First come is first served! If you're looking for a (example) Crane Operator job we will track down new job openings, we won't offer you outdated jobs, or jobs we recently provided for other clients. We will actually do a search for fresh new job openings and provide you with the details at once.

What if you have 10 applicants for the same position and there's only one opening?

Luckely that doesn't happen very often. But be sure every single applicant will receive the same value of service from us. In the end, it's the company or recruiting agency who picks out the right person for the job. We're not picking favorites, nor are we giving one person better options while leaving others behind. You will get what you asked us for. After that, it's up to you and the companies who are hiring.

Do you also work for Oil Companies to find them Personnel?

We don't. We work to provide services for offshore jobseekers only.

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