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What are you ever going to accomplish when you don't know where to start? Since the coming of the Internet, we have found that search engines really help us out to find pretty much any information on any topic. But what many people don't know, is that there is a difference between a random search and a dedicated search.

You are trying to find offshore jobs, obviously, so where do you start? The first thing you do is head for your favorite search engine online and you type in "offshore jobs", or "oil jobs", or maybe something like "roustabout vacancies". This is what I call a random search. Because it's getting you into the area of what you want, but it's not close to what you're actually hoping to find.

A company like Maersk, Atwood Oceanics, Noble or any other offshore company or recruiter agency doesn't use phrases like "offshore jobs" to find a new employee.

Example: Compare this to when you're looking for a used car online. You know you like the Ford or Chevrolet brand, and maybe you even know the type of car like a Taurus or a Silverado. So your search would look like "Ford Taurus 2008 used cars". This is a dedicated search, and you will find what you're looking for. You could also have searched for "second hand car lot" which brings you in range of what you like to find, but not yet at the Ford you want.

The same rule counts for finding the job you want. A company in search for a Roustabout will use their career page to put up a vacancy. They might also call a page "Join our team", "Recruitment" or "Jobs". So your search should be something like "Maersk Career Roustabout". That will bring you much closer to what you're searching for.

But what do you do if you don't know all the names of all the companies? And what if there are hundreds of companies worldwide? You will never find them all. But many of them might have the job you're looking for.

That's why is offering a Contact List filled with Offshore Resources. We did the search for you, and created a full list of companies in every part of the world, complete with Company Names, Headoffice Location, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses and Web Addresses.

All you have to do is click the URL and visit their website. You can check their current vacancies or email them your updated resume directly. Searching the web for days without end are over, as you will have everything you ever needed right on your screen.

We truly hope this article helps you to make your online job search easier since you now know what phrase to use when you use a search engine. And if you want to get ahead and speed things up, then just get yourself the Offshore Resource Package.

Whatever you do, we wish you luck in all your efforts.


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