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It might be that you didn't find what you where looking for at this website. But just letting you go off onto your next (maybe unfulfilling) search, we decided to create a list for you of some pretty interesting websites. We hope you will find the information you need to continue your search for offshore employment, or at least to find some information which helps you to understand more about how things work in this adventurous industry.

Whatever it is you're looking for, we wish you success in all your endavours.

Important Websites

Offshore Rig Jobs (US - Informative)
Jobs Offshore (US - Vacancies)
Offshore Employment (US - Articles)
Offshore Guides (US - Services)
Offshore Baan (NL - Informative)
Vacature Offshore (NL - Informative)
Offshore Werk (BE - Informative)
Offshore Arbeit (CH - Informative)
Offshore Arbeit (DE - Informative)

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